Meet the Garden Designers

Lizzie and Dawn, Collaborative Garden Designersallow us to introduce ourselves

We are Dawn Isaac and Lizzie Taylor – both graduates with Distinctions in Garden Design from the world renowned English Gardening School and RHS Silver Gilt medal winners at Chelsea 2005. Working in partnership, our aim is to take the fear out of garden design. We promise you won’t end up with shark fins, purple fences or a ton of concrete structures in your garden (unless that’s your style…). Instead, we listen to your specific needs and ideas and help you see the possibilities for your garden.

how we work together

To make sure things start moving as quickly as possible, whoever is available first will come to see you for an initial meeting (unless you wish to work with one of us in particular). This will be the garden designer who will draw up all your plans. However, we are firm believers that two heads are better than one and so work closely together. This means that although you may only meet one of us, we will both have input into your design.