Traditional Garden Design

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Formal View

This town garden unusually belongs to the first floor apartment from which the client looks down on to it. In this instance therefore, it was important that the shape of the design was strong and interesting when viewed from above yet still linking up with the architecture of the property.

This formal layout uses Brazilian porphyry setts laid in radial patterns. The stone has a beautiful mix of shades in greys, beiges, pinks and browns.

Box hedging and clipped bay trees provide further formality to the proceedings and Iroko timber arches, clothed in scented jasmine, add a third dimension to the garden.

The client’s blue ceramic pots are used as focal points at the end of paths and the rest of the planting is picked out in deep blue, yellow and white. Curved garden benches nestle amongst the planting and the centre area provides a space for entertaining guests.