Mediterranean Garden Design

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Mediterranean Dream

This narrow L-shaped site has been transformed into a garden that can be enjoyed from every direction. A dynamic layout encourages you to enter the garden and explore it further.

The client wanted a Mediterranean style retreat that had a strong structure yet was ‘fluid’.

A warm toned sandstone was selected for the paving with small setts adding further interest. Some of the setts where left out to provide planting pockets for thyme and baby’s tears.

Four large olive trees and a pair of Italian cypresses where used as the key structural planting. Large boulders and pebbles where used to break up the planting and also provided structures over which Clematis could scramble.

Lavenders, ornamental grasses and climbing roses are also featured in the planting. The rear boundary trellis fence features three arches with mirror behind to give the illusion of greater depth to the garden.