Contemporary Garden Design London

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City Contemporary

This contemporary city garden features clean, uncluttered lines, visually linking it to the house interior. The internal space is designed so that you can see one end of the house from the other and the garden extends this line to the rear boundary.

Leading directly from the kitchen/diner, the front terrace features two built in sofas with a table area and contemporary glass light in each corner.

The sofas and boundary walls have been rendered and painted the same colour as the rear of the property. The central ‘catwalk’ leads you to the rear terrace where sun loungers and a dining area are located.

Decked islands feature tall black planters either side of the catwalk. Black limestone adds drama at ground level and the bamboo fencing adds a touch of the exotic.

The minimal planting style featured three different species – bamboo, fatsia and arum lilies.